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:: Come and Experience Pure Nostalgia from 1991 :: Studio Underground BBS




The Studio Underground BBS from Buffalo, New York represents hours of work and customization to bring back the original BBS I had ran in the 90's. The Renegade BBS preservation project was started during COVID19 to bring back the BBS, all it's past users, messages and information. It has been a success and is running over Telnet in it's original form, even using the original FOSSIL driver BNU v1.70. I strive to keep the experience as real and original as possible. This isn't a NEW BBS, this is one of the originals preserved and running over telnet waiting for calls 24x7, just like the old days! If you can't connect, it just means someone else is on the BBS, this is the way it was, therefore this is the way it is now in keeping with the history and preservation. I even have 9600 baud days, where just one day a week the BBS is ran at 9600 baud to get a real feel and nostalgia to the BBS era.


:: Users who remember the BBS but can't login to the BBS

If you remember the Studio Underground BBS and have tried to login, I view the sysop logs and see activity from a few users like HUCK FINN who have tried to connect. Amazing that it's been that long and Huck remembers, just email any user who can't remember and I can send you the password. Thanks for connected that is truly incredible after all these years! If you have posted messages, those have been preserved as well! The BBS Also has classic text files, bbs listings to give you the real feel of the 90's yet it's still a powerful form of communication.


:: Studio Underground is from 1991, and so are the Classic Door Games ::

Who can forget classic BBS games like Ledgend of the Red Dragon, Pimp Wars, Planets, Usurper and other great games by great authors, you can experience these games again in 1991 nostalgic form by connection to the bulletin board and it's easy, you just need a Telnet Client that supports ANSI and Kermit file transfers. If you don't plan on downloading, any terminal that supports ANSI graphics will do. We also are looking for Quake III arena fans who want to join in on games periodically and relive those days as well. We are enthusiastic with Quake here.


:: How do I connect to this Classic Renegade Bulletin Board? ::

To connect with your computer to the Bulletin Board over the Internet, you must download a terminal client that supports ANSI graphics. You can look for Netrunner, however it doesn't support KERMIT download, so if you plan to download a file, game, utility in the future you will need QODEM which Studio Underground uses for Downloads. We recommend QODEM Terminal Telnet Client. Download QODEM below and follow the instructions. You can download NETRUNNER if you don't plan on downloading and just want to connect to message forums, play online games and get some nostalgia.


:: Connecting to the Bulletin Board with QODEM ::

Download QODEM for Windows (TELNET, ANSI Terminal Software)


Once you have downloaded QODEM, you then need to install it. If you are using an operating system other than Windows, visit the QODEM website [ here ] to get an appropriate version for your operating system and excellent job to them for creating QODEM. You can use any Telnet Terminal client as long as it supports ANSI, but for downloading at this time you need one that supports KERMIT file transfers as it seems to be most reliable for this bbs at this time.


:: Connecting is easy, in QODEM, load it up and press the INSERT KEY on an empty line and copy the entries shown in the image below into the program:


Studio Underground BBS Telnet QODEM


Once you have entered these settings, press ALT-ENTER or F10 to save the entry, then press enter on the entry and it should begin a connection to the bulletin board. If you recognize yourself on the user listings from the 90's, email me at the link below and you can login to your account as if it were 1993, I just need to email you the password if you have forgotten it.

If you don't have an ID when you connect, log in as 'NEW' and complete a few simple questions, then typically the next day you will have full access to message forums and file bases. Keep in mind the BBS is functioning well and content is being added and updated daily. Be sure to attempt a chat with our co-sysop Kim, she loves to chat and will usually answer you, that gives you bonus points for her to validate your account so next time you attempt to connect you have full access. She rambles on sometimes and may not make any sense, but she always remembers who you are.


We also have QUAKE III arena nights and welcome other users to connect, games will be announced here. Quake 3 Arena 1.32 and UBER ARENA QUAKE MOD are typically what we use when we play. But a seperate GAME page will be provided soon containing details on QUAKE III arena games. Be sure to attempt a chat with Kim because she loves chatting and she is hot!


The BBS is made operational by BNU v1.70 Fossil Driver, Dosbox running under Linux Slackware14, KERMIT Protocol for file transfers from Columbia University and much configuration to switch from modem operation to work over the Internet. Connect today and check it out, each day there is additional work done to improve the experience. Page and BBS preservation project updated by Frank Cid , 4/27/2020.




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